Get Control Over Your Feelings and Stop Them from Controlling You

The ability to feel and express our emotions is more important than most people consider. Our emotions play a crucial role in our reactions. When you are in control of your emotions, it can help in self-care, decision making, relationships, and everyday interactions. Emotions can also affect your emotional health and relationships if they get the better of you and control you. 

Getting control over your emotions and not letting them control you is easier said than done. But a personal life coach can help you. We offer a free consultation for 30 minutes on how you can unleash the power of your mind, body, and soul. Our life coach counselling can help in personality development and make you live a happier life. 

Let’s have a look at some points to get started:

  • See the impact of your emotions

Strong feelings show that you embrace life and don’t repress your natural reactions. It’s normal to experience emotional overwhelm occasionally. But there is a problem when emotions get out of hand. Take a look at how your emotions are affecting your life. This will help in identifying your problem areas.

  • Regulate emotions, don’t repress

When you suppress or repress emotions, you prevent yourself from experiencing the feelings. This can lead to sleep issues, anxiety, depression, pain and muscle tension, stress, etc. healthy emotional expression is about finding a balance between overwhelming emotions and no emotions at all.

  • Accept the emotions

Accepting emotions as they come helps in getting comfortable with them. Increase your comfort around intense emotions and allow yourself to feel them fully without being extreme. Accepting emotions leads to greater life satisfaction and few mental health symptoms. 

  • Keeping a journal

Writing down the feelings and responses they trigger can help in finding disruptive patterns. It’s good to trace emotions back through your thoughts mentally. It will also help in recognizing which specific circumstances lead to hard to control emotions.

  • Take a deep breath

You can’t undermine the power of a deep breath. Deep breathing won’t make the emotions go away but help in grounding yourself and taking a step back from the intense flash of emotions and extreme reactions. 

  • Know when to express

Being mindful of your surroundings and situation help in learning when it’s ok to let feelings out and when you want to control and hold them for a moment. 

  • Give yourself some space

Distancing yourself from intense feelings can help in ensuring that you don’t react in an unreasonable way. Leave the situation physically or mentally. It’s not blocking the feelings but distracting yourself until you find a better way to deal with them. You can take a walk, watch a funny video, talk to a loved one, or spend a few minutes with your pet. In fact, meditation can also help. 

If you also wish to get control on your emotions and lead a balanced life, get in touch with us for a certified professional life coach and bring the much needed positive change in your life. 

The Essence That Helps You Achieve Your Goals And Success

Dreams can encourage us and make us feel overwhelmed. Through turning our aspirations into goals, we can work towards our chances of success. But setting the goal and planning alone will not bring you success. If you are not taking action now, chances are you are never going to achieve that goal.

There’s no key to success; it just comes down to doing enough to do the stuff that’s needed to succeed. We can also have a fear of failure, fear of success and even lack of motivation. But in fact, we can all do so much more than we think, and anytime we get stuck somewhere, we can always get the help of certified professional life coach who can guide throughout the process.

Set Specific Goals

The first step in being successful is setting a goal for yourself. A target allows you to get clarity about your travel route. These can help you to develop a vision and express your greatest desires. These are an anchor and reference that you can regularly go back to, making sure you are going in the right direction.

Build a strategy to achieve those goals

If we have specific objectives, and they should be time-based, then we can start building a plan. It does not need to be incredibly comprehensive, but at least it will clarify how we are going to accomplish the target, and if we have a clear strategy, it will improve our confidence that is crucial to success. Furthermore, the plan should specify how much progress we should make over time so we can track performance and make changes if we notice that we are slipping behind schedule.


Some of the most common complaints people say if they fail to achieve their goal are that they don’t have enough time. The truth is, it doesn’t have anything to do with time at all; it’s all down to what we find more important.

No Mananas

When you never start, you’re never going to do something and put things off until tomorrow, or next week, whatever your reason is, it won’t help you meet your goals. So take a no manana mentality, do what you need to do and do it today.

Be insistent

On your path toward your goals, there will be setbacks, it’s unavoidable, but you need to keep going, you need to remember that this is ok, it’s natural. You need to be patient, stubborn and determined; you need to develop a habit for this to happen. If you don’t succeed at first, then you adapt and try again.

Create slight daily changes

A lot of people might tell you that you have to take massive steps to produce massive results.

Now, while that is real, that doesn’t mean you have to take the huge action all in one day, or in the first week or the first month. Major action can be an accumulation of small acts over time. When you are trying to do too much too early, then you can be frustrated by the size of the task, or discouraged that you can’t effectively complete it, which may lead you to leave.

During this process, anytime if you feel demotivated or lost, there are many life coaching online programs which can help you become confident and get back on track.

Mind Power: Words of Wisdom for Positive Thinking

The mix of neurons & chemicals in our mind plays a huge role in what we do and how we feel!  Sonam A Gulati

Our mind is as complex as a human body. It is difficult to understand what goes inside. Once we have power over our mind and can comprehend it as well as the thoughts which come in the form of little voices in our head, we can be more in control of ourselves.  There are different sensations that get created in our body when these signals are sent by our mind. Being in control and ensuring positive use of mind power comes from the thoughts and beliefs we feed it with. Positive thinking is key to a healthy mind and a healthy body. Focus on the do’s and eliminate the don’ts. Instead of saying I do not want this, tell yourself what you want. The language you use has a lot to do with what you are focusing on.

What you focus on grows hence train your mind to focus on those things which make you feel happy and positive. When we say things like

  1. I am happy
  2. I am loved
  3. I am strong
  4. I can achieve my goal

we give our mind positive signals. These statements listed above are called positive affirmations. Positive affirmations can play a huge part in our lives once we believe in them and feed our mind and soul with them.  The way these affirmations are used is in the form of “I am” implying you already are what you are saying. These are used in present tense and not future for example – I am a good leader is how you use these instead of saying I will be a good leader.

When faced with an unpleasant situation, it is normal to get upset however what positive thinking means here is not thinking of this as the worst situation or the fact that it can get further worse than it is right now, instead investing your energy on thinking positively by focusing on how you could improve things from here and make it work in your favour. Positive thinking broadens your sense of possibilities and opens your mind. It enables you see the bigger picture and work towards it. It enables you to overcome the obstacles that come your way and not take a one-time failure as a complete failure.

Positive thinking helps in building self-esteem and opens infinite possibilities once you start thinking differently and do not get bogged down by the negative emotions. Negative emotions can seep in feeling of doubt, fear, injustice, loneliness and hence restrict your success and innovative thinking.

Our mind is a powerful tool which knows can make switch between positive and negative emotions, it all depends on where you invest your energy and how strongly you believe in something. Hence use positive affirmations and use of positive language in your day to day life till it embeds into your system and becomes an unconscious part of your mind.

Invest in a self discovery journey through online coaching sessions in these tough times. Life coaching makes one focus on their strength areas and positive thoughts to synergise with oneself and achieve what one wants to  in their life.

Steps To Build Unbreakable Self Confidence

One good aspect of self-confidence is that it can be developed over a period of time. But one has to practice that to develop it. You can improve your career and other facets of your life by understanding the importance of self-confidence. It takes a lot more to create a base of self-confidence than just “dressing for success” or “fake it till you make it.” You need to dig deeper and take constructive, purposeful steps.

There are many self confidence coaching services available to help you and guide you with the process of developing self-confidence. Also, by following these strategies, you will not only be able to develop unshakable self-confidence but will be able to maintain it over time.

Trust in Yourself

To believe in yourself is the first step in achieving higher self-esteem or confidence. You have to take care of your sense of self and your values – including your confidence in your worth, talent, skills, and ability.

Keep a record of the victory

Note every day, to write down your achievements. It will log them into your long-term memory, improving trust and self-esteem. Each time you need a boost of self-confidence, read back what you’ve learned. Holding your win log and referring to it, instead, keeps you focused on your achievements. Research has shown repeatedly that the more you consider your previous achievements, the more involved you are in taking on and accomplishing new ones.

Show success symbols

What you see in your world influences your moods, perceptions, and behaviour, mentally. Surround yourself with trophies, photos and other items reminding you of your accomplishments. Create a special place to view your symbols in your home-such as a lobby, shelf or even the top of your refrigerator. This will encourage you to see yourself as someone with clear life-long achievements.

Preserve the Agreements

Holding your word is one of the most frequently ignored forms of improving self-esteem. Any commitment you make is sole to yourself, even those that include others are recognized as obligations by your brain. You learn not to trust yourself if you don’t follow through. So it would be best if you did not compromise your sense of control-hold your commitments.

Try things that make you uncomfortable.

Stepping beyond your comfort zone is an ideal way to gain trust in yourself. Trust is about being confident in a wide range of circumstances which will make other people feel insecure. So, if you extend your comfort zone every day, you’ll have a wide comfort zone soon, and you’ll be able to feel more relaxed even outside.

Create an attitude on equal opportunities

Individuals with reduced self-confidence appear to see others as more worthy or stronger than themselves. Instead of bringing that view, look at yourself as being fair to everything. Make a mental change to an impartial attitude, and you’ll see your self-confidence rising quickly.

Your perfect future lies within your grasp – you only need to reach out and take it. If you want to take control of your life and fill it with unparalleled levels of joy, success, a sense of accomplishment, the desire to support others and a real sense of meaning and fulfilment — now is the time to act. If you find it hard sometimes, you can take the help of self esteem life coach for guidance and support.

A Journey Towards Self Discovery And Benefits Of It

In today’s world, most of us are too busy not only to listen to others but also to listen to yourself. We hardly spend time observing and spending time for our self. But self-discovery should be an essential objective in all of our lives. Most people go through life and play a part in masking who they are. Others are only what others want them to be. Only through self-discovery can we define our intent and realize our potential. On the other hand, failure to embark on a self-discovery journey would deceive us about the ability to realize who we are and what we want out of life, and how we can support those on this planet throughout our time.

If an individual has no set course, no objectives and no real interests, they may try to ‘find themselves’ by jumping from one extreme to another. Even though this is their idea of a path of self-discovery, it’s not necessarily had to be yours. Many self-worth coaching programs can help you get on the right path and help you get better.

Here are some advantages of taking a self-discovery journey,

It helps you recover.

Getting on a personal development journey allows you to deal with the challenges you have inside that might prevent you from reaching the true potential. This helps you to be mindful of your worries, emotional pains, problems of childhood, restricting values and unhealthy habits so you can process them, let them go and find true peace inside. The road to healing is self-discovery.

It helps you never to feel alone.

You connect with who you indeed are when you are always learning about yourself. This connection allows you to feel comfortable with yourself and of course you are starting to enjoy your own company and never really feel alone.

It does add meaning to your life.

All of a sudden, the things you’re witnessing aren’t just random events happening to confuse you or make your life hard, but teaching you something instead. Maybe it is courage, maybe it is strength, maybe it is letting go, maybe it is acceptance, or maybe it is self-love, but the point is, it is all planned.

It lets you feel comfortable in who you are.

First of all, self-confidence comes from knowing who you are, which comes from constant self-discovery. Your development journey shows you that your uniqueness is precisely what makes you different, creative and good. Thus, you gradually begin to love yourself, and you become more and more relaxed and comfortable in who you are.

It helps you build your reality.

Personal growth and self-discovery will help connect with who you are at the heart of your life. You know when you are linked to your true self that you are making your truth and that you are not a victim of your circumstances. This helps you to live an empowered life where your thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and overall energy can be shifted to align with what you want.

It takes time to get to know yourself, to decide what you want and to try to make it happen—patience matters. Do not hurry into your life or listen to the schedules of other people. And if you need any help, there are a lot of self discovery coaches to help you with the whole process. You never are too young or too old to start working towards your goals.

Ways To Stay Productive In Life During Crisis Situations

We all face difficulties in our lives. Yet handling a crisis is much more complicated. A crisis is rare and almost always unpredictable. Under normal conditions, you may be a productivity master, but when a crisis strikes, everything turns upside down. We become more distracted, have less time to concentrate on the job, and function in a different context.

A crisis will make you feel as if something is out of control. No matter what the outside world looks like, there will always be one thing that you can control: which is your dedication to being the best version of yourself. You are in charge of working hard and concentrating on your goals, whether those goals apply to your job, your personal life or your thought. Many self confidence coaching services help you and guide you in this process.

So, here are a few ways which you can follow to stay productive,

Do not ponder about things you can’t change.

In a problematic situation, the first step is to determine what you can and can’t alter. If the problem you are facing is an issue, you should find a solution to it. You should plan, search for solutions and then decide what to do.

Nonetheless, if the condition is a reality, it is something that you cannot alter. Most people are angry because past things cannot be reversed. Yet things like that are real. Instead of being angry for no cause, choose to acknowledge the truth that you cannot change. When it hasn’t worked out, then try to know and move on. This will build the capacity to react adequately in conditions less than ideal.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Your Comfort Zone is the biggest threat of success. Do not treat any situation in the same manner that you usually treat difficulty. Be prepared, then, to find a different perspective on the situation. Remember all the possibilities, including the possibility you might be incorrect. Highly significant is your ability to get out of your comfort zone and extend your thinking. That rare ability has the power to change your life.

Don’t let your feelings affect your actions.

Keep calm and straightforward while concentrating on the future. That sounds probably easier said than done. Yet fortunately, in every situation, there’s an easy way you can remain calm: by asking questions. Take a step back, look at the issue and ask yourself where the good thing is? Find the right thing, and you solve your problems and get closer to your target, one crisis at a time.

Start Acting

Don’t sit down all day, and wonder. This is the time to start working towards your goals. Identify your goals and then ask yourself what steps you should take to help you reach your most important objective immediately. Now it’s time for practice. Note, the secret to success is completing a mission. Continue to complete the tasks, and you will step forward and upward toward your goals.

Stay competitive in every economic crisis.

A crisis is a time of uncertainty and unpredictability. Yet you can remain competitive with those tactics, no matter what your path is thrown. Pick one of those ideas to be applied right now and start moving today towards your goals.

A crisis is a time for a change and not a pause. There are many life coaching services available that help you and guide you in the process to become more productive.

How Developing A Sense Of Urgency Help Benefit In Your Life

When seeking success, it is necessary to cultivate a sense of urgency and step it up to a new level to live life on your terms. With hard work and determination, the vision could become a reality. Whatever people do, whether in sport, industry or otherwise, those who set themselves apart from the rest retain a sense of urgency to be the best they can be.

Developing a sense of urgency not only helps you in your work but also helps you in your personal life in a lot of ways. Many self-discovery coaching platforms help you become a better version of yourself. Here is how a sense of urgency works,

Take time to reflect and prepare

Highly successful people take their time thinking, organizing and setting goals. One should then move rapidly and aggressively against their goals and ambitions. You have to work efficiently, smoothly and consistently. You seem to go through massive quantities of work in the same time frame as the average person spends socializing, wasting time and focusing on low-value tasks.

Arriving at the “Flow”

You will reach an impressive mental state called “flow” when you operate at a high and consistent level of operation. Nearly everyone has experienced this at some stage. Very successful people are the ones who get into this state even more often than usual.

In the “flow” condition, which is the highest human condition of success and profitability, something almost miraculous happens to the mind and emotions. You feel exhausted and transparent. Everything you do seems effortless and precise. You feel happy and full of energy. You are feeling a tremendous sense of being relaxed and personal.

Become more alert and conscious

In the “flow” condition, you are working on a higher level of comprehension, imagination and competence. You become more conscious and alert. With unprecedented accuracy, your perception and your intuition might work. You may also see the people and situations around you interconnected. Sometimes you come up with brilliant ideas and observations that will help you to push even further forward.

Build a sense of urgency

One way you can activate this flow state is by creating a “sense of urgency,” which is an internal push and a determination to get on with the job quickly and get it done quickly. This inner drive is an impatience that motivates you to move on and proceed. A sense of urgency feels a lot like fighting against yourself.

Putting into action

You are taking action, rather than always thinking about what you are going to do. You concentrate on different actions that you should take at once. By using this strategy, you concentrate on the things you can do right now to produce the results you want and the goals you want.

Sense of urgency doesn’t just mean acting quicker but working at a higher level of efficiency. If you want to develop and master it, you can always enrol yourself in the coaching programs and take the help of life mentor.

Inner Courage

Inner courage is important in these uncertain times to sustain your holistic wellness

Sonam Arya Gulati

What is inner courage?

  • It could mean different things to different people!
  • Is it something that we do or have in us?
  • Is it what we talk to people about or build our relationships with people on the basis of?
  • Is it who we are, our identity?

It certainly is something that we all have in us! But how often have we witnessed it? How does it feel to be by yourself alone with numerous thoughts cropping up in your mind? What solutions do you search for? What dreams to you wish to achieve?

Yes! These thoughts do occur in each one’s mind as it is not a one time accomplishment but a continuous process and a journey we all are on. How would it feel if you overcome the inner voice that stops you from doing something you would really wish for? What does the voice tell you and how do you handle it?

So lets take an example here:

  • We are in a lockdown situation with the threat of virus
  • The economy is going down
  • Socialising has vanquished
  • There is a new comfort zone of our homes which either one could be happy and satiated with or feel the need to break out of which could lead t frustration
  • Numerous emotions, thoughts, beliefs, sensibility and patterns are playing a role here

The time at hand could be too little in a day or too much depending on what you are filling the day with and how happy you are with what you are “doing”.

The activities which I am referring to as doing here have certainly reduced from the time when life was busy and in a state of certain flow and routine. And boom – that flow/routine is broken now. However there is still a routine/pattern; a different one which I would call a comfort zone here. This comfortable place has lots of facets to it. Some could be enabling and a form of a happy place; however some could be not so happy and if I use a stronger word here to address the situation that could be a feeling of being stuck, restricted, frustrated, bored, callous. Please feel free to identify your emotions in this zone of comfort.

However, is it reaping you enough benefits? Remember the time you were so busy in a routine with work, friends, family, holidays etc etc and you would say on a couple of things; “I wish I had time at hand and I would do this”.

The introspection that comes with the repercussions of the vuca world is that, with so much time at hand which you have never had before or might have in the future, what would you really like to do now? Or who would you like to be? Which adjectives, values, beliefs, attitude resonate with you as a person; not just on the surface but at a deeper level.

We all have seen the tip of the iceberg, but what is beneath under the water is a chance we have on us to explore and come out stronger and better connected with ourself.

So now you have a choice – would you like to go deeper and explore the roller coaster ride and have some adventure as well as the “Oh my God! moments”.

What would you really wish to do? Something that your heart sings and tells you to do repeadetly.

That’s the inner courage I am talking about! It is a continuous learning and exploration process and all that matters is – being better than yesterday, because you have immense potential and might not have witnessed it for yourself yet either. So go on; explore, expand and enjoy!

Have a great day ahead!