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Look above and you will see, all the things that could be!
Aspire. Believe. Achieve

Dreams are meant to be realised!

The moment desires become aspirations, and we invest our faith in our dreams; possibilities and breakthroughs can transpire.

Sonam A Gulati


Who am I?

I am an ICF Associate Certified Coach, an existential Facilitator, a certified NLP Practitioner, and an Image Consultant. I am passionate about enabling individuals realize their full potential by raising their level of awareness and focusing on their strengths. I believe that anything we wish to achieve, is possible if we convert them into goals and vision from dreams and aspirations.

My Approach

My approach starts from my belief in the innate potential each individual has. I believe once the focus changes from wanting to achieve something to goal setting and hence taking actions consistent to it; the accomplishments and achievements one has could reach a higher notch. If one can discover their own selves and their potential which lies under the different layers of enabling & limiting beliefs, we as a human beings carry; and establish an awareness of one’s capabilities, strengths and areas one could improve upon; our energy and potential could be channelized in the right direction.

My tools

I feel introspecting and thinking innovatively are essential tools that can help one achieve results beyond the glass ceiling. My work revolves around enabling individuals achieve just that. This glass ceiling is nothing but a blind spot we all carry as human beings and once we witness our potential; our wishes become aspirations and dreams convert into goals and vision.

My Journey

I am passionate about making a difference in people’s life by bringing in a fresh perspective that drives one to connecting deeply with their inner thoughts and patterns. My journey in this domain began when I got the courage to leave my first job and instead of pursuing masters at MICA, worked towards realising my dreams and connecting with my purpose of my life. I started my journey by taking small steps and educating myself further in this domain of enabling individuals connect with their identity. A base for me was already established from self-learning and graduation.


I have a progressive experience of 12 years out of which her experience in the field of Capability Development spans across 7 years. I have been an Associate Partner at TPC Leadership India since September 2018 and have 300 plus coaching hours on myself. I have consulted clients, developed bespoke solutions for them by identifying their needs to bridge the gap between actual and desired state. I have a keen eye for detail and sense of what emerges in the vuca world for our clients as well for us and believe invigorating in the vuca world is the best way forward. Over a period, I have developed a niche for myself as a coach which lies in leadership and holistic wellness coaching.

Prior to TPCL India, I have worked in the aviation industry as a part of my employment organization’s ongoing Training Academy. I started my career with being a Quality & Risk Analyst, ventured into being an Entrepreneur and an ongoing learner in the field of capability development through the study of inside-out of an individual. I have also been a Key Account Manager at an early age in my professional life with a start-up in the field of human resource development.

My each experience has been a break-through in my professional development and ikigai. I have conducted Programs for over 5700 employees at the Delhi International Airport across different gender, race, age group and hierarchy.

Education, Qualifications & Certifications


o Certified Leadership Coach by The Performance Coach, UK.

o Foundation Coaching Skills using TGROW; Creating insights based on Emotional Intelligence; Applied Positive Psychology; Coaching Leaders – All lead by Chris Sheepshank, TPC Leadership UK Former Partner

o 10 hours of mentoring as a coach by Abhyudaya; Jaya Bhateja, MCC

o Certified NLP Practitioner – School of Excellence; now known as Antono & Harini – Legacy Accelerators

o Certified Image Consultant by Karen Brunger, International Image Institute, Toronto (AICI Certified Program)

o Curriculum of living; Self-Expression & Leadership Program; Communication Level 1 & 2 Program by Landmark Education

o Diploma in Training & Development from Indian Society of Training & Development

o Bachelor’s in business studies, S.S College of Business Studies, University of Delhi

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