Covid to Courage Tab

Sonam A Gulati

“Let’s view these times as a race that the tortoise & rabbit used to talk about”

Sonam A Gulati

Covid to Courage is an initiative to connect individuals with the internal courage they carry within. The purpose of this initiative is to enable one witness their potential and beliefs which include the enabling ones as well as limiting ones; which could intern support them in connecting with their utmost being which all human beings have and talk to it as well while they are alone with themselves with this inner voice. However, connecting with this inner voice and aligning one’s self with this is an on-going process; hence there is no better time than now. Under the impact of the VUCA world that we are living in currently we could optimise our actions, feelings, and emotions by building a synergy in our mind, body & soul.

The internal courage that could be witnessed in these times, if one wants, could have lifelong learning for one and further connect an individual with their “ikigai”; a term heard and used often but witnessing it or experiencing it could be one of the take-aways of this initiative.

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