What Is the Basis of Relationship Counselling?

relationship coach certification

Relationship coaching is a professional counselling service that is focused on the client. In relationship counselling, an individual or couple is considered healthy and able to achieve relationship goals with effective support, information, and guidance from the coach. Relation coaching is different than therapy. While relationship therapy works on internal resolution of pain, coaching works on external solutions to overcome barriers and learn new skills.

If you are looking for a relationship coach online, we can help. You can connect with us for our free consultation and observe the effects that you derive in your relationship. The relationship coach certification is meant for couples who value their relationship and wish to improve or work on their current relationship. We can help you in becoming a better partner and establish healthy both with your partner.

Here’s a look at some essential guidelines of relationship coaching:

  • Relationship coaching is not therapy or consulting. It believes in your ability to achieve goals and focuses on supporting you. The coach should be clear about the difference between consulting and therapy and make conscious choice about coaching nature.
  • The coach helps clients in focusing on bigger picture. They never isolate clients from the rest of life like work, family, friends, wellness, etc.
  • A relationship coach offers knowledge and experience without any attachment. Coaches help clients discover relationship skills and knowledge deficits so that they discover their truth.
  • The coach assumes that the relationship is not the destination but part of the journey. We help clients focus on meaning, connection, and long-term goals and help them find new partners or improve existing relationships.
  • The coach assumes that the most important relationship that you share is with yourself. What is on the inside shows on the outside! We help clients in taking responsibility for their relationship outcomes.
  • Coaches never judge a relationship as right or wrong. We lead clients via the process of discovery, where they are empowered to make the relationship choices that are right for them.
  • Relationship coach addresses client’s sabotaging attitude without making them wrong. We help them understand the connection between their attitude, choices, and consequences.
  • The relationship coach does not intend to get personal needs met with clients. Ethical coach values being of service above all and holds coaching relationship as sacred.
  • A relationship coach is neutral about the outcome for pre-committed relationships and an advocate for committed relationships. We use the opportunity while single to make conscious long-term relationship choices and believing in power and the necessity of commitment to make those choices work and be fulfilling.
  • A relationship coach walks the talk by addressing their personal relationship development, challenges, and goals. We can help our clients along paths that we have travelled ourselves. We further our learning and development by working with a mentor or on-going training.

If you wish to restore peace and harmony in your relationship and make it work, our best relationship coach certification can help achieve your relationship goals.

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