Get Control Over Your Feelings and Stop Them from Controlling You

Personal life coaching

The ability to feel and express our emotions is more important than most people consider. Our emotions play a crucial role in our reactions. When you are in control of your emotions, it can help in self-care, decision making, relationships, and everyday interactions. Emotions can also affect your emotional health and relationships if they get the better of you and control you. 

Getting control over your emotions and not letting them control you is easier said than done. But a personal life coach can help you. We offer a free consultation for 30 minutes on how you can unleash the power of your mind, body, and soul. Our life coach counselling can help in personality development and make you live a happier life. 

Let’s have a look at some points to get started:

  • See the impact of your emotions

Strong feelings show that you embrace life and don’t repress your natural reactions. It’s normal to experience emotional overwhelm occasionally. But there is a problem when emotions get out of hand. Take a look at how your emotions are affecting your life. This will help in identifying your problem areas.

  • Regulate emotions, don’t repress

When you suppress or repress emotions, you prevent yourself from experiencing the feelings. This can lead to sleep issues, anxiety, depression, pain and muscle tension, stress, etc. healthy emotional expression is about finding a balance between overwhelming emotions and no emotions at all.

  • Accept the emotions

Accepting emotions as they come helps in getting comfortable with them. Increase your comfort around intense emotions and allow yourself to feel them fully without being extreme. Accepting emotions leads to greater life satisfaction and few mental health symptoms. 

  • Keeping a journal

Writing down the feelings and responses they trigger can help in finding disruptive patterns. It’s good to trace emotions back through your thoughts mentally. It will also help in recognizing which specific circumstances lead to hard to control emotions.

  • Take a deep breath

You can’t undermine the power of a deep breath. Deep breathing won’t make the emotions go away but help in grounding yourself and taking a step back from the intense flash of emotions and extreme reactions. 

  • Know when to express

Being mindful of your surroundings and situation help in learning when it’s ok to let feelings out and when you want to control and hold them for a moment. 

  • Give yourself some space

Distancing yourself from intense feelings can help in ensuring that you don’t react in an unreasonable way. Leave the situation physically or mentally. It’s not blocking the feelings but distracting yourself until you find a better way to deal with them. You can take a walk, watch a funny video, talk to a loved one, or spend a few minutes with your pet. In fact, meditation can also help. 

If you also wish to get control on your emotions and lead a balanced life, get in touch with us for a certified professional life coach and bring the much needed positive change in your life. 

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