Inner Courage

Inner courage is important in these uncertain times to sustain your holistic wellness

Sonam Arya Gulati

What is inner courage?

  • It could mean different things to different people!
  • Is it something that we do or have in us?
  • Is it what we talk to people about or build our relationships with people on the basis of?
  • Is it who we are, our identity?

It certainly is something that we all have in us! But how often have we witnessed it? How does it feel to be by yourself alone with numerous thoughts cropping up in your mind? What solutions do you search for? What dreams to you wish to achieve?

Yes! These thoughts do occur in each one’s mind as it is not a one time accomplishment but a continuous process and a journey we all are on. How would it feel if you overcome the inner voice that stops you from doing something you would really wish for? What does the voice tell you and how do you handle it?

So lets take an example here:

  • We are in a lockdown situation with the threat of virus
  • The economy is going down
  • Socialising has vanquished
  • There is a new comfort zone of our homes which either one could be happy and satiated with or feel the need to break out of which could lead t frustration
  • Numerous emotions, thoughts, beliefs, sensibility and patterns are playing a role here

The time at hand could be too little in a day or too much depending on what you are filling the day with and how happy you are with what you are “doing”.

The activities which I am referring to as doing here have certainly reduced from the time when life was busy and in a state of certain flow and routine. And boom – that flow/routine is broken now. However there is still a routine/pattern; a different one which I would call a comfort zone here. This comfortable place has lots of facets to it. Some could be enabling and a form of a happy place; however some could be not so happy and if I use a stronger word here to address the situation that could be a feeling of being stuck, restricted, frustrated, bored, callous. Please feel free to identify your emotions in this zone of comfort.

However, is it reaping you enough benefits? Remember the time you were so busy in a routine with work, friends, family, holidays etc etc and you would say on a couple of things; “I wish I had time at hand and I would do this”.

The introspection that comes with the repercussions of the vuca world is that, with so much time at hand which you have never had before or might have in the future, what would you really like to do now? Or who would you like to be? Which adjectives, values, beliefs, attitude resonate with you as a person; not just on the surface but at a deeper level.

We all have seen the tip of the iceberg, but what is beneath under the water is a chance we have on us to explore and come out stronger and better connected with ourself.

So now you have a choice – would you like to go deeper and explore the roller coaster ride and have some adventure as well as the “Oh my God! moments”.

What would you really wish to do? Something that your heart sings and tells you to do repeadetly.

That’s the inner courage I am talking about! It is a continuous learning and exploration process and all that matters is – being better than yesterday, because you have immense potential and might not have witnessed it for yourself yet either. So go on; explore, expand and enjoy!

Have a great day ahead!

Published by Sonam A Gulati - Self Discovery & Leadership Coach

Sonam is an ICF Associate Certified Coach, Image Consultant, an existential Facilitator and a certified NLP Practitioner. She is passionate about enabling individuals realize their full potential by raising their level of awareness and focusing on their strengths.

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