Sonam Arya Gulati

—Holistic Wellness Coach —

From Covid to Courage

—Building resilience, one step at a time—

“Internal Courage is all it takes to move beyond the glass ceiling”

Sonam A Gulati

Sonam is an ICF Associate Certified Coach, an existential Facilitator, certified NLP Practitioner, and Image Consultant. She is passionate about enabling individuals realize their full potential by raising their level of awareness and focusing on their strengths. She has a progressive experience of 12 years out of which her experience in the field of Capability Development spans across 7 years. She has been an Associate Partner at TPC Leadership India since September 2018. Over a period, she has developed a niche for herself as a coach which lies in leadership and holistic wellness coaching. Her each experience has been a break-through in her own professional development and ikigai. She has conducted Programs for over 6000 individuals.

Client Speak!

Seasoned professional in training, mentoring, and coaching. Driven by high passion backed up by all round knowledge of diverse areas. Sonam is one stop person for all types of professional coaching and training. Extremely smart and positive towards her work, she cares about her colleagues and clients with utmost dedication. Leads by example during all her sessions. As a colleague Sonam is very supportive and understanding. Always ready to help and be the pillar of strength. Her skills are so natural that when she imparts coaching and feedback, the recipient receives the best of it without being hesitant. One line that I always say about her – Sonam is a coach/ trainer by choice not by chance. And she stands by that.

– Aaditya Bhardwaj, Youngest Junior Manager, Delhi Airport

Sonam’s approach to coaching is highly effective and professional. She is firm yet flexible; clear, yet empathetic. She brings with her a diverse work experience and takes a holistic view on coaching. Sonam has exceptional listening ability and that is what makes the difference. This ability puts her coachees to a great comfort and allows them to arrive at best solutions through an inner deep dive. Sonam facilitates this transition not only for them to rise to the occasion but evolve into a better human being. She prepares them to be their better and brighter self and lead a life that matters. I wish her all the very best.

– Senior Director, Media, Issues & Crisis, Genesis BCW.