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What is life without dreams and aspirations? Have the courage to aspire for something great!


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What are dreams if we do not have faith in them? Believe that you can make your dreams comes true!


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What can faith do if you don’t take action? Make the effort in the right direction to achieve everything you desire!

How we think, comprehend, our unconscious, subconscious mind and patterns etc
How we behave, our body language, our being comfortable in our own skin and with people around. The guards we might have subconsciously or consciously and how we can identify them and understand our body - nutrition - wellness in terms of bath and pampering oneself, way of dressing up etc.
Positive affirmations, getting connected with our being and our purpose with which comes the innate potential with "peace of mind" and "happiness". Ensuring consistency in the who we are, what we do and what we have achieved so far and would like to achieve further.

How Coaching Can Help You?

Personal development is the key to more fulfilling and happier lives. It is the journey of understanding who we are and taking proactive steps towards improve to become the best version of ourselves.

While some can do it themselves, most often people need someone to guide and support them throughout this journey. With the guidance and a coach, people get the added push that helps them pursue what they want in their lives.

Discover Your Passions

Through the process of self-exploration, get in touch with your passions and interests.

Figure Out Your Purpose

What is your true calling? Learn about your higher purpose and what this life demands from you.

Unlock Your Capabilities

Shift your focus from your weakness and draw strength from your capabilities to explore your hidden potential.

Create Meaningful Relationships

Live a better and fulfilling life by creating meaningful every-lasting relationships wherever you go.

Services Offered

Free Call for 30 mins

As a self-discovery coach, my passion is to make individuals aware of their full potential while focusing on their strengths. With the belief that we can achieve anything we set our minds to, I wish to convert people’s dreams and aspirations into goals that can be materialized.

Keeping innovative thinking and introspection as essential tools at my disposal, I plan on achieving results that are beyond the ones possessed currently. By befriending the unknown and increasing our self-awareness, it is possible to tap into our hidden potential to use it for making all dreams come true.

Business Coaching

Get the support and guidance you need to get a clearer vision of your business and what need to be done to make your business successful.

Executive Coaching

As a qualified professional, become aware of yourself, clarify your goals, and achieve every professional objective by unlocking your inner potential.

Leadership Coaching

As business leaders, learn how you leverage your leadership skills in order to maximize performance. Become the best version of a leader!

Life Coaching

Attain greater fulfilment in life by making progress in every step of your life. From career to relationships, flourish in every sphere of your life.

Relationship Coaching

Get the support and guidance you need to learn vital skills to flourish in your personal relationships to deepen pleasure & intimacy for long-lasting happiness.

Spiritual Coaching

Receive the guidance you need in finding your inner happiness, peace &harmony throughout your journey in finding your higher purpose.

Simple Process

How Does it Work?

With an easy interface, you can book a free call or paid session in three simple steps.

Step 1:

Select the Mode of Communication

You can select video call, voice call, in person – office, and in person at a mutually convenient location as your preferred mode of communication.

Step 2:

Select Your Slots

Depending on your schedule, you can book available the time slots on a specific day to have your coaching session.

Step 3:

Confirm Booking

Once you are done with the time slot, you have to confirm your booking by making the payment. For your free call session, you won’t be charged.

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The Math of Self & Prioritization – My Latest Webinar

“Focus on your strengths and priorities, while you enter the new beginning”
Connect to the deeper levels of your inner self through the application of Stephen Covey’s concentric circle of influence and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs at our latest webinar on The Math of Self & Prioritization.

My Biography

About Me

Hi! I am Sonam.

I’m a self-discovery coach and am passionate about enabling individuals realize their potential by raising their level of awareness and focusing on their being & strengths. We all have a unique identity and purpose and I believe a beautiful incitement is possible once we go deeper in understanding ourselves, our beliefs, and patterns. I have a progressive experience of 12 years. I am an Associate Certified Coach by ICF, an Image Consultant and an NLP Practitioner. I have conducted training programs and facilitated workshops for over 6,000 individuals. Over a period, I have developed a niche for myself as a self-discovery and leadership coach. I believe each one has a leader within. It is only a matter of how we channelize our potential and aspirations.

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What our customers say

Sonam’s approach to coaching is highly effective and professional. She is firm yet flexible; clear, yet empathetic. She brings with her a diverse work experience and takes a holistic view of coaching. Sonam has the exceptional listening ability and that is what makes the difference. This ability puts her coachees at great comfort and allows them to arrive at the best solutions through an inner deep dive. Sonam facilitates this transition not only for them to rise to the occasion but evolve into a better human being. She prepares them to be their better and brighter self and lead a life that matters. I wish her all the very best.

Kapil Sabharwal, Senior Director, Media, Issues & Crisis, Genesis BCW.

As a life & self-discovery & coach, clients are everything to me. Through my years of experience in coaching, I have always aimed to take an approach that is holistic and result-oriented to make a positive impact in the lives of my clients. Find out what they have to say
Sonam Arya Gulati
Tanisha Pant, Aunt Floh
I met Ms Sonam in the most difficult times of my life. Where two roads were diverging into the woods and I was very confused to make a decision in my both personal and professional life, Ms Sonam, made it a little easier for me for making me come one on one with myself and...
Tanisha Pant, Aunt Floh
Garima Tyagi
A seasoned professional in training, mentoring, and coaching. Driven by high passion backed up by all-round knowledge of diverse areas. Sonam is a one-stop person for all types of professional coaching and training. Extremely smart and positive towards her work, she cares about her colleagues and clients with utmost dedication. Leads by example during all...
Garima Tyagi
Fadwa Elyas
The math of self prioritization was truly the sum of all variables that make up our life, portrayed and explained through the lense of an outsider looking in… as concise and straightforward and logical as 1+1, and am sure that not only myself, but the collective had acquired  certain realizations and insights that would, followed...
Fadwa Elyas
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